“My condo was a stockpile instead of a sanctuary for two years and I wasn’t sure how to get out from under my stuff. Robyn at New Leaf worked with me to return my condo to the sanctuary it once was. Even better, the items I no longer want, or more importantly need, are helping raise funds for diabetes research and supporting a children’s art program.” Heather M., Ottawa 

“Too much clutter had left me frustrated and stuck, and it was negatively affecting our family life. I reached out to Robyn for help as I came to the realization I couldn’t face the clutter alone. Once we started working together, not only did she help me figure out how to declutter and organize my home, but our discussions allowed me to change my way of thinking about storing and keeping things. I now have a method to manage our possessions and have a place to put everything. Robyn has given me so many tools that I am now able to work on my own and am a positive example for my children. I am happier, have a better outlook, and have simplified and refreshed my city and country homes.” Tiz T., Toronto 

“I suspect we are like many people who struggle letting go of possessions which are still in good condition, and it seemed easier to ignore everything than deal with the situation. Robyn at New Leaf Solutions showed us how to break the task into smaller pieces, and then completed an initial sort of ‘keep’ and ‘go’ piles. We worked together on how to organize the remaining items in a way that will make finding things so much easier. Of particular importance was Robyn’s knowledge of reputable organizations, as knowing that articles were going to a good home definitely made it easier to let go.” Clare B., Toronto 

“As a busy working mom, I felt overwhelmed when my real estate agent suggested that I declutter my home before putting it up for sale. I didn't want to just get rid of stuff, but wanted to make sure that my things were going to be enjoyed by others. Robyn was so wonderful at making sure that my things were redistributed responsibly to charities and second-hand stores, and saved me the time of doing it myself. She made everything so easy!” Nadia K., Toronto

“I don’t know how I would have dealt with going through my mother’s stuff and organizing her house after she died if Robyn hadn’t been there to help me. Grieving is awful enough without having to figure out what to do with another person’s possessions. Robyn’s organizational skills and help sorting through everything with me (multiple deliveries to Goodwill, hazardous waste depot, recycling depots, homeless shelters, etc.) made the experience so much easier than it would otherwise have been. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” Cheryl S., Toronto

“Last March, I found myself facing surgery as well as a move. Enter Robyn, who managed every aspect of the move with exceptional results. The best thing was going through everything I owned and deciding whether to keep it or let it go. Robyn disposed of all the items I didn’t need and my only job was to say yes or no, then everything was expertly packed and labelled. What a stress-free experience it was. It is a pleasure to recommend Robyn’s services.” Viola J., Toronto

“Following a death in the family, we came from different provinces to deal with preparing our family home for sale. New Leaf Solutions not only assisted with this process, but also provided us with numerous suggestions on how to turn what could have been an emotional hardship into a blueprint for positive change. I would highly recommend Robyn.” Ian S., Calgary