New Leaf Solutions is committed to helping you have a less cluttered and more organized home and life. Are you…

  •   running out of space at home and feeling “owned” by your possessions?
  •   decluttering before listing your home for sale?
  •   downsizing to a smaller home?
  •   settling a relative’s estate?
  •   moving your business?

Robyn Macpherson at New Leaf Solutions can help you.

We listen to you and assess your needs, then provide personalized ideas and feedback about how to achieve your goals.

Next, we work through a to-do list while helping you determine what items to keep and what to donate/recycle. We provide support and guidance so you feel that you’ve made the right decision to let go of some of your possessions.

And if you would like to re-think how you manage your home and life, we recommend approaches that are achievable and take your unique needs and preferences into consideration.

For items that have resale value, New Leaf Solutions can provide the names of stores that buy used items or we can work with you to sell the items privately.